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Q: what MAF to use.

I can't seem to find a MAF to use on this from your site. I looked on pro-M and they have a M 92 that I think will fit but it says 89+ and I have an '88. What one should I use/can I use?

A: 1E

Q: what MAF to use.

I can't seem to find a MAF to use on this from your site. I looked on pro-M and they have a M 92 that I think will fit but it says 89+ and I have an '88. What one should I use/can I use?

A: 1E

Q: what MAF to use.

I can't seem to find a MAF to use on this from your site. I looked on pro-M and they have a M 92 that I think will fit but it says 89+ and I have an '88. What one should I use/can I use?

A: ,,

Q: what MAF to use.

I can't seem to find a MAF to use on this from your site. I looked on pro-M and they have a M 92 that I think will fit but it says 89+ and I have an '88. What one should I use/can I use?

A: .

Q: 18x9 SVE Drift Wheels Clearance

Will these calipers clear the 18x9 inch SVE Drift rims?

A: What happened to the 18x9 drifts because I need them they were on a couple months ago like suddenly there gone is there another place I can find them because this site obviously doesn’t have them any more thnx bud

Q: Lightning calipers on a reg f150

Can I use these as an upgrade on my 2000 2wd F150?

A: I rediscovered that problem about 6 months ago with my sons truck. A common mistake made by quite a few apparently. The 2wd F150 and the lightning are completely different. Different millings and offsets.

Q: Smog legal

Is this kit smog legal in California?

A: Per On3 this kit requires the removal of the smog pump and is therefore intended for off road use only.

Q: Msd-82428L

Would these Coil Packs also fit a 2002 Harley Davidson F150 with the supercharged 5.4L?

A: hello

Q: does it require a bigger belt

Does the alternator require a larger belt?

A: It's not typical that you will have to change belts in most cases. However, I actually had to exchange my belt out (with a non-factory installed A/C unit) for a slightly larger belt. If anyone needs the belt number, I can reply with the gates number that will cross reference with just about any brand. I believe it was just shy of two inches larger even using the factory recommended routing for the belt.

Q: Temp gauge

If I replace this sensor will the temp gauge start working correct? What else should I have to replace thanks

A: ^Incorrect.
The first thing to replace is the temperature sending unit.

Q: cam me

Will TF stage 2 cams fit well on stock GT40 heads? I have a 95 SVT with stock heads. Do I have to replace the springs as well? I'm hoping to add shorty headers and a cold air kit. Thanks

A: Stage 1 on a stock engine is a bit much with the intake and heads being as restrictive as they are. You will get a nice rough sounding idle but the performance you are paying for and work you are putting in will not be realized until you also upgrade the heads, intake, throttle body, mass air etc...

Q: arp oil pump shaft

Is it true that you have to cut a 1/2 inch of the end of your distributor shaft to get your distributor to seat in the engine properly

A: When I replaced my distributor I found out that the end was cut. so I trimmed off the same amount on the new one. no biggie!

Q: turn signal lever

How do you remove the lever from the old switch to put it on the new switch?

A: If your horn is activated by the turn signal lever you need to pull the pin that retains the lever with a pair of pliers, the metal pin that is at 12 o'clock position as you look at the photo of the switch on the right side of the screen. =======

Q: 331 stroker kit

does the pistons in this kit have two, four or no valve reliefs?

A: scat kit 94055 has 4 valve reliefs. states -11 cc as per there spec page.

Q: Flow restrictor

Is the flow restrictor included with the hoses, or does that have to be purchased separately?

A: That is not technically true. I just ordered this kit. I also ordered the restrictor based on this question and comment. I just received product and sure enough the restrictor is already inserted into house. The bag label in which the hose came in even says right on bag ( heater hose w/restrictor). Question is, where is the knowledge gap? Or is what came in the hose kit something different? Both are solid pieces - no complaints there. But the communication is confusing.

Q: tire fit

So I see a lot of people who put 275 size tires on their cars and say they did not modify the wheel wells, how do they fit with out mod.

A: I have a 85 mustang with 295 50 and they fit just fine tire sits 1/2" away from quad shock has never touched and looks good

Q: Leaking Oil pan in front and rear at crank

I bought the #LRS-6675A Oil Pan and purchased a FelPro Blue One-Piece oil pan gasket to replace the old ones. I had the motor out of the car as I was doing a complete reseal with one of your reseal kits that you sold on LateModel. The block and oil pan were cleaned thoroughly and installed while on the engine stand. Every bolt was torqued to specifications. While watching the leak I took the car into a Ford dealership where a trusted friend works there who is a Senior Master level tech. Put dye in the oil and was able to spot the sources of the leaks right away. The leaks occur on both the front and rear locations of the crankshaft and not on the side rails at all. Both the pan and seal were inspected by myself prior to installation though I am no expert. Is this a common occurrence or am I just one of those "times". If it is a common though very undesirable occurrence, then is there good fix without having to drop the oil pan or replacing the gasket? Thank you for your time and assistance.

A: Me and a friend of mine dropped the pan while the car was on a lift. Had very little clearance but was able to apply some gasket sealer or RTV to the corners and where the crankshaft bevels are at. We applied RTV in both the front or the back. It would have been easier to do it while on the engine stand, but like yourself, I believed the "dry install" the gasket manufacturer recommended. It goes to show you a little common sense can go a long way, and RTV is our friend. Since putting on the RTV and reinstalling the pan to torque spec, no more leaks. Sorry it happened to you too. Happy Mustang building :)

Q: team z k member kit

i was wonder what coil over kit do the team z matrix k member kit use. (brand name)

A: I just bought this exact kit, and it came with Strange coil overs, shipped directly from Strange Engineering in Illinois

Q: Hood rubber plug bumpers

Do these work on the hood underside of a 2004 gt? Replaced hood with a cowl hood from cervini's and the stinkin shop didn't put back on and hood rubbing against the new oem cobra bumper leaving a rub mark . If they don't work do you offer them on your site?

A: I checked on my 2002 GT and these are the exact same part as those on the hood, so they should work just fine on your hood

Q: Roush Intake

Will this intake fit the 2010 4.6L GT? Cause its under the 2010 section but doesn't say it fits them under fitments..

A: YES, this intake will fit a 2010 Mustang GT. I just installed it on my own 2010 4.6 GT. You use a few grommets from the old intake tub and the screws for the MAF sensor (the OEM MAF sensor is retained as well). The intake tube from the OEM intake is kept in place. Its a 25-30 minute job.

Q: weekend show car

is this k-member just for drag racing or auto cross or can it go on a long cruise and not have any problems. can i use stock a-arms without any fitment problems

A: can i also you my stock steering rack

Q: Install Location?

Has anyone actually installed one of these in an S197? If so, where did you put it? I don't see enough space anywhere in the engine bay for something of this size! The existing cooling equipment (rad, oil cooler, steering cooler, etc) take up nearly all the available space.

A: Answering my own question here, but hopefully this will help others. I mounted mine behind the front bumper rail, low, by using a metal bar I fabricated between the bumper rail mounts. From this I bolted the top holes of the cooler to the bar. I then made a metal flange and secured that between the bottom of the coolant radiator and the Derale cooler's bottom left hole to keep the cooler from moving.

Note that in order to make the huge Derale cooler fit, I had to relocate the power-steering expansion line (hard line looped in front of the radiator) to between the radiator and the oil cooler. This was easy to do but you just have to be careful since it's hard line and you don't want to bend or break the joints.

After that I cut the stock transmission cooler's return line (hose, not the hard line) and spliced in the Derale cooler with some barb fittings and clamps. If you use hose clamps on the hoses during the operation, very little fluid will leak out. This means you basically just need to fill up the Derale unit and you should be good to go without needing to check/add fluid to your tranny.

It's a tight pain in the butt, but it's turned my high-stall tranny from 190+ to 170+, without the fan. That's pretty awesome. Even when I hammer it and the temps go up to 180-185, they drop back down in seconds. It's sweet.

Q: Oil line connectors

Does somebody knows what size of oil line connectors are needed to get this installed? I know they come with this kit but I want to know.

A: It has -6AN fittings and comes with hose. However the stock cooler lines for the 05-10 Mustang (not sure about other models) have much larger lines, so the fittings did not work connecting directly to the stock lines. I ended up buying a couple barb-end reducers that went from the 1/2" stock lines to the 3/8" cooler host, and connected things by splicing into the stock cooler's hose line (essentially connecting the Derale cooler in tandem with the stock cooler).

Q: thread size

Hello, I was wondering what size are the threads coming out of the cooler? I'm looking for -6an fittings. Thanks in advance


A: This version of the cooler has -6AN fittings on the cooler and comes with several fittings to connect to these, including barb-fittings if you just want to hose-clamp it (as I did).

Q: Clearance

Do these offer any extra wheel turning clearance over factory?

A: You will gain a 1/4" of an inch of clearance(helps if running wide rims on front) due to no plate being welded at curvature of a arm look at the ford racing arm pic and the LRS arm pic...that plate is right in the area where the edge of the rim/tire is closest to the a arm....