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Does not fit front of oil pan.

Installed this on a new 5.0 engine build along with new oil pan and water pump. Front oilpan lip seal area is raised up 0.120" as compared to original oem front cover and will not seal to oil pan. What gives?
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We haven't encountered any problems with this timing cover before. There are several factors that could be causing your problems "or a mixture of several" that could all be working against you. You need to install the timing cover to the engine first before installing the oil pan. if you installed them in that order then here is a list of checks to go thought to troubleshoot. First check is, are you using the alignment dowels for the timing cover? If not, the timing cover can slightly shift when you tighten the bolts down. Second check is to make sure you trim off the excess timing cover gasket from the bottom edge of the cover. If the gasket is sticking down past the mating surface of the timing cover and engine block, the oil pan will not seal correctly. Once the excess gasket material is trimmer off, a bead of silicone needs to be run along that mating surface as well as in the lower channel located under the crank opening to make sure it seals correctly. The next check is to make sure the oil pan gasket is seated in that channel with the alignment "tabs" fitting correctly up into the timing cover. once that is verified, you would then tighten up the oil pan to complete the installation. If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call and we can help out in any way we can.
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