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91 LX 5.0

Is there anything special that I need to do to install this EGR eliminator. I have put this on and it still ran like crap so, I put everything else back on because, I have one year left for emissions. Anyway please help, I want to rid myself of this. Thanks
from Houston |
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This EGR Eliminator Plug is only designed to eliminate the SES or check engine light after EGR deletion on your 86-93 Fox Body Mustang. If you have not deleted it, that may be your problem, if the EGR system is not operating properly it can cause drive ability issues while running.
from waco |
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One of the things I am getting at is, once that has all been done (which I had done). The computer is the next issue, resetting it is, I think my problem is but, I am having a miss fire on #1. I have replaced everything that the diagnostics n OBD trouble codes have given me. Well it got worse,, taken her outback n putting her down. Going to miss her. Just were I feel I am at without taking it somewhere.
- Allen 3 years ago
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