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all else that is required.

What all else is required with this I kit? I understand ill need a fuel pump injectors and a maf but I see that the ac is gone and the alternator is relocated and the power steering as well does it come with all the needed hardware? Also what pound spring or springs come with this kit? does the oil filter relocation kit come with it?
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At one time, the a/c could not be retained, but all current kits are designed to allow use with the a/c. It will involve some tweaking on the condenser lines that you can do with your hands, and they recommend wire ties just to prevent them from moving around and making contact with hot parts. The kit will come with the alternator relocation bracket so you are good to go there. Power steering is retained with no issues. The only belt driven accessory that has to be removed is the smog pump for clearance. The oil filter relocation is not included with this kit but any of the kits you see out there to remote locate it will work. Aside from what you have mentioned already, a tubular K member is required. As for the wastegate spring, they used to provide 3 springs, but now one is installed in the wastegate and a manual controller is included. It splices into the vacuum line going from the wastegate and you can manually adjust from there.
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Just a couple notes on Karsons answer above:
*I retained my factory K-member with no fitment issues, and know of others who have as well.
*Oil filter relocation doesn't come with the kit, but it isn't necessary either. I run an FL-910s filter instead of the FL-1A with no fitment issues. It's the factory filter specified for the 94-95 Cobra.
*Most of the hardware is included with the kit, aside from intercooler mounts which you will have to fabricate. Some of the header bolts are too long to fit between the header and the flange, and either have to be cut, or you will need to buy shorter header bolts. There were 2 on mine that needed to be shortened.
- Brian 3 years ago
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