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347 kit/ power

Hi I'm going to build a 347 stroker motor with all forged parts wanting to run a rpm 2 intake and the AFR 185cc in and 85cc combustion, I will also be using a turbo camshaft and the piston ratio is 8:1 on the kit will all these parts go good together and also would my car be driveable ont the streets. Would this setup give me good HP? I will also be running a 76mm Twin Turbo with 10lb of boost. Thanks
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These heads will go perfect with a power-adder. Depending on your cam spec and the stroker assembly we would recommend to check for PTV interference when installing them. Without knowing your current head combo I couldn't give you a honest answer in regards to 'will it give you good HP", but overall these are a stellar performing head out of the box!
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