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Community Q&A Question: 363 build

Asking About: Ford Performance 363ci Boss Short Block Assembly


363 build

how much would it be to buy all the parts the 363 long block comes with(long block $8100)? Wondering how much I can save by having a knowledgeable friend put together with me! That warranty is a big deal so I'm trying to see if the cost difference is worth it! Thanks for your time! I appreciate it very much!
from Lincoln |
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Josh it depends on what you want. If have planes on getting a block like that your going to want to get the best of the best. That can get on the expensive side. If you get things that have been used that's a big hit and miss. Buyer beware
from clover |

Josh, That Ford racing short block is not available as individual components. We only offer it as the assembled short block.
from Hewitt |

No I want to purchase the short block assembled & the rest of the same parts that come on the one block depending on how much I can save. I like the idea of saving money but I also like the idea of having a warranty so I'm trying to find out what my savings would be - Josh 6 years ago

Long block not one block - Josh 6 years ago

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