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2001 GT?

Will this flywheel fit a 2001 4.6 or is there some reason it will not?
from Hillsdale |
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Question 2: So using a 10.5" clutch with this flywheel on a 2001 GT will be ok ? - Ruben 3 years ago
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Kiefer, this will bolt to the crank, but the 2001 4.6 started using an 11" clutch. That is the reason this flywheel will not work for your application.
from Waco |
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I have a t 45 trans which I have been told takes a 10.5 in clutch. If that is the case then this flywheel should work. Correct? - Kiefer 3 years ago

Correct, a T-45 takes a 10.5" clutch and flywheel, and also was made with 10 spline input shafts and 31 spline output shafts. - Aaron 3 years ago

My car was made in 11/00 and sold as an 01. So I should have this type of flywheel and a 10.5 inch clutch? - Kiefer 3 years ago

That is correct, I would recommend measuring before installation just to make sure. This should be the correct flywheel according to the information that you provided me. - Aaron 3 years ago
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