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93 to a 95 compatible??

I have a 95 mustang gt 5.0 auto and I was wondering if a 93 v8 5.0 mustang manual transmission kit will work with my 95 mustang, it's the 87-93 kit and if not what do I have to do in order to make it compatible if possible
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It is not a direct swap and I would recommend getting this transmission because the install will be much easier and it will fit properly. In order to get a T-5 out of a 87-93 to fit in a 94-95 you will need a driveshaft spacer made and an adjustable cross-member because the transmission is shorter. Then you will need a clutch fork and bell housing for a 87-93. The issues you will have is the clutch fork will hit the firewall so you will have to clearance the firewall and it will move the shifter forward inside the car and cause fitment issues there.
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Would this be a direct replacement transmission - Carlito 3 years ago

Yes, Part number LRS-7003F will be a direct replacement for in a 94-95 Mustang. - Nathan 3 years ago
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