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Community Q&A Question: 1994 Lightning 5.8

Asking About: Mustang Ford Performance OEM Hydraulic Roller Lifters (85-95) 5.0L/5.8L


1994 Lightning 5.8

Will these lifters fit my 1994 lightning
from Brownsville |
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These hydraulic roller lifters will not fit your Lightning. Ford Lightnings do not come equipped with a roller cam. Your flat tappet cam requires flat tappet lifters. Always replace the flat tappet lifters and the cam at the same time, as your flat tappet lifters and cam have a matching wear pattern. Replacing flat tappet lifters and/or cam at different times can result in lifter or cam failure. Roller tappet conversions are available if you're looking to upgrade to a roller cam and lifters.
from hewitt |
LMR.com Staff Member Post!

If you mean a direct fit with your current flat-tappet camshaft lifters, (all Gen. 1 Lightnings) then no. If you mean for a roller cam conversion then yes these will "fit" if you have an F4TE roller capable engine block by using Ford's "dogbone" kit M-6253-A50, a roller tappet grind camshaft, and the proper length pushrods (351 deck height is taller than a 302). Also, be sure the camshaft is speed density friendly unless you have converted to a Mass Air computer (and more). This is the "correct" way, don't use one of those reduced base circle conversions. And for super high performance situations link bar lifters should be used instead of the dog bone setup. Check nloc dot net for a better explaination, though most there just do a basic conversion.
from Brentwood |

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