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Asking About: Mustang Econoshift T5/T45 Short Throw Shifter (83-01)


not easy to get in any gear

i replaced my staock shifter with this one. but now its harder to get it in every gear then my stock one. why would it be harder i kinda have to grind it in there or just push hard.
from carlinville |
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i replaced my shifter as well and its harder to shift into anygear and nearly impossible to shift into reverse and now there is a whining sound in the rear not happy have to take it to the shop i had it installed at to see what the problem is - william 3 years ago
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i got it i know what it is and it looked fine when i did the install.. fit real tight on the ball of shifter real tight fit.
from carlinville |
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Did you inspect the shifter busing for the shifter? This can cause slack when shifting and can cause harder shifts.
from waco |
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LOL i dont know what the shifter bushing is or where it is .....dont know to much about trans..
from carlinville |
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What was the issue ? I'm having the same problem on my 88 notch . - Cristian 3 years ago

the ball on the bottom of the shifter that fits inside that little cup. try sanding that ball just a little at a time with some emery cloth. that worked great for me. - chris 3 years ago
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