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intake issue

I purchased this cold air intake got it installed with the reducer tube in place. Issue is when im driving and push the clutch in and try to coast it idles down, it surges, or it just dies. Any idea? Oh and no tune yet
from garland |

If the venturi tube is installed, then a tune is not required. I would ensure there are no leaks and also, it is very easy to accidentally put the maf sensor in backwards. I'd make sure that is in its correct orientation and clean.
from Hewitt | Staff Member Post!

I have the maf sensor facing same way it came off the stock air box. You can take off but as soon as clutch is pushed in it either surges or just dies. All clamps are tight and the downsideze tube is installed. This isn't making any sense
from garland |

This product is no longer available.
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