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Asking About: Mustang Ford Performance Stock Flow Water Pump (79-93) 5.0


water pump / timing cover

I would like to confirm that this water pump will fit your timing cover LRS-6019B. anything special to be aware of to avoid leaks
from Wilmington |
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Accepted Answer
This will work with that timing cover just fine. I would also recommend part number LRS-8501BHDW to ensure all of the hardware is tightened properly to avoid leaks as some of the bolts are inside water channels and will weaken over time.
from Hewitt |
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thank you Karson. I was planning on getting that set of studs and bolts. I have a rear seal to replace so the entire engine is coming out when it gets warmer. many items to replace. the engine is in a 1988 colony park wagon and it only has 145,000 miles on it. worth the work! love that 5.0! - Gary 3 years ago
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