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Not charging

I installed this kit back in September of 2014. I've had problems with charging the battery. I have an 80 foxbody with original charging system. Do I need to up grade to an higher amp alternator? To push the amps to the battery threw the longer cable? My alternator is fine it charged like normal when tested at parts store. What do you think will be causing this no charging problem?
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The ground is some what lost from front to back when using the supplied wires. The wires for positive and ground should be at least 1 gauge. A positive should run from the battery to the solenoid and a ground should from the battery to the engine. Tested this many times while the car was idling weird, we checked a number of things and tried a jumper cable from the battery ground to the engine and the car instantly idled better. An upgraded alternator definitely helps, also stay away from underdrive pulleys, they are only needed if racing. - Joe 3 years ago

I'll do the negative cable to the engine. Right now I have the battery in the trunk with a ground to the chassis an a ground strap off that to another chassis in the trunk. Dubble grounded. When I check the charge at the solenoid it's at 14v but back at the battery in the trunk I've lost half the charge. What would you do if you had this problem? - Christopher 3 years ago
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A bigger alternator would certainly help out. The other thing is to make sure you have a good ground, both at the back of the car and again on the block.
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. I'm sure the grounds are okay, but will double check. I also have a ground strap off the negative battery cable ground. So I know it's grounded there or the car won't start. How would I go an up grade to a higher amp alternator? With original wireing? What would I need? - Christopher 3 years ago
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Is a great upgrade.
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