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94-98 Cobra rear sway bar size

I have a 1995 Mustang Cobra. I have measured my rear sway bar at several points along the bar and it is 27mm, not 25mm. I have also verified this finding with the owners of two different 94/95 Cobras. There is also information on the internet which verifies from Ford that the 94/95 Cobra came with a 27mm rear sway bar. Actually there are no Mustangs from 94-98 which used a 25mm rear sway bar. All cobras from 94-98 used a 27mm bar. Is there any way you guys can re-measure the sway bar that you offer to make sure you have the correct part listed for these cars? Thanks alot
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The OEM Cobra rear sway bar from 94-98 was 27mm. It is no secret that these bars had a habit of breaking. Ford released this 25mm updated version that replaced the 27mm original, offered the same handling characteristics, and remedied the breakage concerns. We do indeed have the correct part offered here.
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