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Other causes of odometer malfunction?

I have a 1994 Cobra and recently noticed that the odometer and trip meter quit working. I got an odometer gear repair kit and disassembled my instrument cluster to replace the old gears, only to find that they were not damaged. The drive motor for the gears also appeared to be in good condition, although I didn't see any way to test the motor while the instrument cluster was out of the car. The speedometer works and I replaced the speedometer gear (which WAS chewed up quite a bit) during a recent clutch replacement. Are there any other causes for the odometer and trip meter to quit working?
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9 times out of 10, if the gears are indeed good, the drive motor is the culprit. This is rare up to this point, but with the age of these cars increasing daily, I'm sure it will become more common. Currently, the only option for drive motor replacement is to find one used.
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Thank you for your input, Jonathan. Jeff Jimenez of Late Model Restoration suggested it may be that the gear has come loose from the motor shaft - something I had not thought of. If that turns out not to be the case (though I hope it is), I think you'll be proven correct that the motor is the culprit. - Michael 3 years ago
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Here's the result of my second disassembly of the instrument cluster: Everyone was trying to convince me that it was most likely the gears, and I found that they were right! When I pulled the old gears out they were extremely brittle, and although they looked to be in good shape, the grease on them had hardened and a few of the teeth on the side of the larger gear that I couldn't see were broken off. With the new parts in place, the odometer and trip meter are working perfectly and after going through the repair process twice I'm now a pro at it! Thanks again Jeff and Jonathan for your assistance!!
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