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Asking About: Mustang Ford Racing E303 Camshaft Hydraulic Roller, E Cam (85-95) 5.0L/5.8L



whats the best / loudest loopiest cam for a stock 5.0 motor with mild upgrades stock motor with exhaust 75mm mass air and throttle body. Stock gears
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That really depends killian if your car is a 87 or 88 with speed density installing this cam will require a mass air conversion if your car is a 89 to 95 ho anything over 444 lift will hurt your springs and may. Cause some failures however if you decided to do the trick flow spring upgrade for factory cast heads then you could run a more aggressive cam while this cam is very popular there are also many others i wouldnt go bigger than this cam and make sure to check valve to piston clearance - tim 3 years ago
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The Ford Racing "E" cam has a nice lope sound to it at idle.
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