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Vehicle year

Dumb question, my original door sticker states my mustang GT convertible is an 88. When I insured it the vin shows it as an 89. How do I find the true year so I can get the proper cold air intake kit?
from Newark |
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Not really a dumb question, several makes and model vehicles used to come out with a half year model so the answer to your question is that it is possibly a half year model, which tecknically makes it an 89. or you could have a door that was replaced due to an accident or heaven forbid I say the word could have been rusted and replaced. Hope this helps you out Bro. The vin # is always the correct one though so it is an 89
from Honea Path |
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Thank you. With the sticker being on the door jamb itself and dated I can tell it is original. After inspecting it again the sticker actually says 1988.6 which I'm guessing makes it a mid year vehicle. I will follow your advice and continue to use the 1989 cold air intake. I recently replaced all the suspension with sn95 parts and boy does it make a difference.
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