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what else do i need?

im currently gathering all the parts i need to do the sn95 brake swap on my 84 gt350. i currently have the spindles up front with pbr calipers and new ball joints. i just picked up an 8.8 rear end out of a 94 with everything. what i cant seem to find out is what all i need to run the fluid to the brakes do i need this master cylinder and the proportioning valve M2328C or anything else? any insight would help thanks.
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This list should get you all the parts you need as far as your lines go assuming you are using the factory style rubber lines that were attached the the SN-95 Swap parts you already purchased.

This SVO master cylinder will work for the set up you are talking about. You might have to tweak your OEM hard lines to get them to line up with the new master cylinder but they should be fairly close. Next you would take the OEM cap off the factory proportining valve and pull the spring in plunger out in order to make it just a distribution block. Replace the OEM cap with this plug. next you will put an aftermarket proportioning valve in line with the rear brakes. The easiest place to do is is where the brake lines run across the firewall. there is a "coupler" that joins the 2 lines together. Put this proportining valve in line at that junction next you will need an adapter fitting for the passenger side front brake hose. This will allow for the sn-95 flex line to bolt up to the OEM Fox hard line. all the rest of the fittings are fine, just need this one on the passenger front last but not least, this rear brake hose is needed when swapping in an 8.8 rear in place of a 7.5. this will also help clear up space for dual exhaust on the 79-85 cars as well. That should be all you need to get you up and running
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