Community Q&A Question: Is the Boss 302 install kit needed?

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Is the Boss 302 install kit needed?

Do you need to purchase the boss 302 install kit in order to install this manifold or does this kit have everything included?
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Yes, our install kit will also work on this kit.
from waco |
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When converting from a GT manifold to the Cobra Jet you have 3 options for dealing with the fuel vapor purge valve.

Option 1 is to use the FRPP Boss install kit, part # M9444M50B. Of course the inlet tube would not be used, but this kit is far cheaper than going to the dealer and getting just the hoses and mounting bracket. This option requires the purge valve electrical connector to be cut and extended.

Option two is our simple install kit, part # M9424M50BR-HDW. No wiring needed and all hardware included. This hardware kit is now included with this intake kit. The purge valve is mounted to the front of the block and the hose connects it to the intake manifold. Check out these instructions to see how the kit works:

Option 3 is to completely delete the EVAP system and have it turned off in the tune. This should only be done on race vehicles and this method is not recommended by Latemodel Restoration.
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