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Steering rack limiters

Hi folks,

I got a severe rubbing problem, but wanted to know if I keep having the problem will I ha pave to change wheels to a different offset? How much off-set, or what is the minimal off-set for front wheels sporting 9x17s? Running 255/17s in the front. Thanks in advance.

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On a 97, assuming you are running Mustang specific wheels with the correct offsets, you should not have a severe rubbing issue. What can happen is your factory rack limiters will break or turn to mush over time, and will allow you to turn the wheel further than intended. These will be needed to replace the originals. All of this is based on if you have a wheel intended for a 94-04 Mustang.
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If your wheels were purchased for the year model of your car (94-04), there should be no problems with rubbing when turning to full lock. My 97 used 17" x 9" wheels without problems running 245x45 tires. You are running 10mm wider tires, but look at how large 10mm is on a ruler. Barely noticeable, so they should be good. If you are using wheels built for a different model, your offset will be different and could be setting the tire further in or negative offset, which would cause the tire/wheel to rub. The simple solution would be to add some more of the Steering Rack Limiter rings to prevent the wheels from turning as much. Makes for a bit larger turning radius, but solves the problem.
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Currently I'm not certain but the current rack is the second I replaced thru Autozone. I didn't have this problem before so I'm beginning to feel that the factory limiters were either not re-installed or worse that the part was a paint over and re-ship. I'm replacing it in a week or so as I already have a replacement waiting at the local auto zone for an easy one to one to one swap (warranty). Had a power steering pump that leaked at the pulls shaft bearing from the get go once. Will let you know in about a week. Also, I'd like to thank Brian for the tokico shocks- installed them today. Adjusting them tomorrow. Sweeeeet! Love em already.

Sigh, $10K to go before I'm Satisfied my ride is ready.

Notes: 280 RWHP/322 TQ (transmission is restrictive/old) no boost, stock block. Doing 14s in the qtr but could do better (low 13s) if the shifter/tranny was rebuilt. Moser axel driven by eaton diff. Spec clutch/ flywheel 10.5", head swap to 2004 Ford production heads(new U ported), BBK shorty's followed by Flow master, fuel system upgraded, suspension maxed out, solid, hard Lane shift at 120mph plus (road race check). Headed to UTI then NASCAR, then hopefully to Hennesy in TX, open my own tuning shop by 2019. Becoming a Ford specialist.

I proud of my DIY accomplishments so feel free to edit my comments.

Thanks in advance.

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Also, forgot to mention, I bought the wheel off American muscle as an off set. So I was sure they were correct. Again will let you know after I pull the rack apart and inspect under the boot. - lascelle 3 years ago
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