Community Q&A Question: 1.7 rockers?

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1.7 rockers?

i have a stock 91 5.0 with gt40x 58cc heads. will this cam clear with 1.7 rockers?
from Bryan |
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Unfortunately there is no clear cut yes or no answer. Each engine is slightly different. The only way to know for sure is to check Piston to Valve clearance for your specific combination. Word of caution though. The anderson cam specs are based off of a 1.6 rocker arm ratio. Changing to a 1.7 will alter the specs and change the way the cam performs. You need to check with a machine shop or engine builder to see if the addition of 1.7 rockers will work with your combination or if it will have a negative effect on what you want the outcome to be.
from hewitt |
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