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Can you run EFI?
from Albert City |

Yes you can run EFI set ups on this short block.
from hewitt | Staff Member Post!

Can you use the factory EFI, with bigger injectors. or what would you have to do. - Dalton 3 years ago

you can use the factory efi system but would have to have an intake specifically designed to fit the 351 since it is larger than the 302 functionality will be identical to the 302 - Scott 3 years ago

what # injector would you have to use - Dalton 3 years ago

That all depends on the rest of your set up, if you are running a basically stock motor you can use the 19lb injectors, If it is a typical heads cam intake set up then I would run a 24 to 30lb injector. If you are running a forced induction application then you would want to step up to a 44lb or larger depending on what all ellse you are running. - Scott 3 years ago

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