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Chris H.

Hi, running front cobra brakes with rear baer 13" "dress up" rotors that use the factory gt calipers. I would like to upgrade to the ss hoses. Will this kit fit the gt rear calipers? If not, what is the difference between the rear gt caliper hoses and the cobras? I can buy the hoses seperately but obviously it would save money to buy the complete kit. Thanks.
from Maize |
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Chris, This kit is for 94-95 Cobra brakes. The rear hoses are not available separately and they are for 94-95 Cobras specifically because of the mounts. You did not mention what GT calipers you have, I am guessing you have 99-04 PBR? GT, V-6 and Cobra rear calipers are all the same, their mounting bracket and pads are what makes them different. The hoses for the rear vary because of the mounting bracket made on them matches the model year car they were made for.
from Hewitt |
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Thanks for the response. I have a 94 GT, sounds like the this kit will work for my application. Will be ordering in the next week. - Chris 3 years ago
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