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just need a little help

Hey there I was inquiring about the msd kit that includes the distributor, box, coil and wires. I have a 1991 lx 5.0 that is stock with a vortech. I've encountered some ignition problems and have no spark. Im trying to build the car up and I don't really want to put much money on the stock ignition. So my question is does the msd completely take over the ignition responsibilities? Ive looked at the diagrams and I think what I'm concerned about is the white wire, I'm not sure if it is sending a signal or recieving it. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! -Rodger
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this kit may or may not take care of your problem. a no spark condition could be caused by a failure of ignition components, wiring problems, pcm failure, or a bad ignition switch, just to name a few. it's best to isolate and repair the issue before throwing parts at it.

that being said, supercharged applications create higher cylinder pressures that lead to extra heat and demand on the ignition system. this msd package is a good option for increasing spark for better performance with higher cylinder pressures. adding an msd ignition system may allow you to run wider plug gaps in supercharged applications. the msd cd ignition box does not replace any existing ignition components. it wires inline with your factory coil to help your ignition system provide more power. the msd 6al-2 also adds a soft-touch rev limiter to prevent over revving. the factory rev limiter cuts fuel, which can be dangerous, especially in a supercharged application.
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