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Q. about the install of PAI-SS45103

what is involved with the electronics to install, I see the TCM but would like to know what is required to hook up the electronics.
What type of shifter would be required,? Electric or Cable type, I assume this would need a trans cooler,
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This transmission kit comes with a stand alone harness and computer that are pretty much plug and play. Basically 3 wires are not pre-terminated and will require you to find a source for them. One is a 12V power wire to power the system. next is a ground wire for the harness, and the 3rd wire is a Throttle position sensor lead that will have to tap into the TPS on your coyote engine. All of the steps are covered in the installation instructions. The shifter is a standard cable operated shifter so a factory shifter in a mustang will work just fine. As far as a transmission cooler goes, It is highly recommended to run an aftermarket transmission cooler on any performance based transmission application.
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