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Asking About: Mustang Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 170 Cylinder Heads w/ Upgraded Valve Springs - 61cc Chamber (79-95) 5.0/5.8



Will these heads work with a f303 cam on my 88 lx. And will it clear my stock pistion
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2.02 valves will generally require the intake eyebrows to be re-radiused. I have run 1.94's inake valves for years and had to work my intake piston eyebrows for a .512 lift cam(224@.050). They were deep enough but the 1.94 valve tip just nipped the edge of the eyebrow. How much you have had your heads shaved and block decked get involved also. You may be able to do the clearancing yourself if it is ok otherwise. As far as overall piston to valve clearance and depth, there are too many variables that get involved so I would not hazard a guess on that. It is always best to mock it up and get your clay impressions. You want .1 clearance at lift between the valve and the piston as a good general safety margin.
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It just occured to me that you are looking at twisted wedge heads. They have relocated the valve positions so standard eyebrow cut pistons have the eyebrows in the wrong positions. I suspect you would need to have eyebrows cut even with the stock dish pistons. - Johnny 3 years ago
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