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Does this engine comes with a manual transmission flywheel? If it does,what the sizes of flywheel. Can I use my 2000 GT T45 transmission? It has a 10.5" clutch. I'm planning on getting a new clutch, do I get a 10.5" or can I use a 11". I know, I'm a pain!!!

Your T45 will bolt right up to the block as the bellhousing bolt pattern is the same. For the flywheel, you'll need an 8-bolt version like the RAM-1545. At that point you can use either a 10.5" or an 11" clutch for 96-04 4.6. Being you are replacing the clutch anyway, no reason not to get the extra surface area of the 11".
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Will the stock 8 bolt flywheel on the coyote engine work with a 11" clutch for a 96-04? - NELSON 3 years ago

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