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1988 mustang gt 4.10 gears

does it matter how i install the driveshaft? like it has to be oriented certain way? whats the difference when someone removes and installs a driveshaft that has not been marked? please help
from milwaukee |
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Just like when you get new tires they get balanced a drive shaft when comes from the factory is balanced when you remove it for what ever reason you should mark it from the they it was oriented before removal otherwise your gonna get a vibration you can feel all threw your ride and will be more or less severe at different rpm.I would take your drive shaft to a shop and have them balance it and then mark it. then install it back in the car test drive it and see how it does. If it vibrates loosen the shaft and move it 90 degrees till you find the vibration has stopped. Also check a manual it mite give a clue to a mark on the rear end that is a balance point mark. I don't have my fox body any more so I cant give you a better response. Worst case you have to climb under the car few times and move the shaft and rebolt it to find the balance spot hope this can help you
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