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Bulb Type

Are these LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs or HID (High Intensity Discharge)? The mention of balasts and heat lead me to believe this is an HID conversion bulb and the ad is labeled incorrectly.
from Vail |

If you look on eBay or amazon they sell LED bulbs with ballests as well. If I'm not mistaken a ballest is an amplifier for the bulb bids need em and a good set of Led bulbs that are not cheapies require them as well. - willis 3 years ago

Accepted Answer
Carson they are LED lights. The ballasts that are with the kit are to give the bulbs the right amount of voltage (LED lights take less) and as far as the heat each bulb is 25 watts and they will make a little heat but not to worry they are designed to run cool
from Riesel |

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