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How About the Tachometer?

Is there anything similar for repairing a TACHOMETER that doesn't work? Is there a similar gear mechanism in there and do you sell a kit for it? For years the tachometer on my 1998 Mustang GT Convertible would work and then all of a sudden stop working; but I would simply hit the clear plastic cover of the instrument panel and it would work fine again for a while. After about 5 years of hitting it, it stopped working altogether.
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The tach is operated electronically with no gears like the odometer. What I would try first is popping the cluster out to gain access to the plugs and gauge itself and make sure all of the connections are cleaned. I've ran into sticking gauges in these cars that were due to crud getting in the connections. If that doesn't cure it, I'd recommend sourcing a used tach to replace it with as the needle motor might be the culprit.
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Thanks for the info! Much appreciated! - Keith 3 years ago
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