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Community Q&A Question: Install Location?

Asking About: Electra Cool Transmission Cooler Kit


Install Location?

Has anyone actually installed one of these in an S197? If so, where did you put it? I don't see enough space anywhere in the engine bay for something of this size! The existing cooling equipment (rad, oil cooler, steering cooler, etc) take up nearly all the available space.
from Dulles |
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While I haven't personally installed one, the best place I could think of putting it is behind the front bumper in front of the A/C condenser. Removing the front bumper cover for installation would make the job much simpler, but it would not be required.
from Hewitt |

Answering my own question here, but hopefully this will help others. I mounted mine behind the front bumper rail, low, by using a metal bar I fabricated between the bumper rail mounts. From this I bolted the top holes of the cooler to the bar. I then made a metal flange and secured that between the bottom of the coolant radiator and the Derale cooler's bottom left hole to keep the cooler from moving.

Note that in order to make the huge Derale cooler fit, I had to relocate the power-steering expansion line (hard line looped in front of the radiator) to between the radiator and the oil cooler. This was easy to do but you just have to be careful since it's hard line and you don't want to bend or break the joints.

After that I cut the stock transmission cooler's return line (hose, not the hard line) and spliced in the Derale cooler with some barb fittings and clamps. If you use hose clamps on the hoses during the operation, very little fluid will leak out. This means you basically just need to fill up the Derale unit and you should be good to go without needing to check/add fluid to your tranny.

It's a tight pain in the butt, but it's turned my high-stall tranny from 190+ to 170+, without the fan. That's pretty awesome. Even when I hammer it and the temps go up to 180-185, they drop back down in seconds. It's sweet.
from Dulles |

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