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Modification concerns for 1979 Mustang Cobra

I'm interested in the 1979-93 Ford Mustang 4 Lug 2003 Cobra Wheel for my 1979 Mustang Cobra. I'm also interested in making other modifications such as lowering springs, shocks, struts, and upper & lower control arms. However, I have several concerns that I need to plan out before making any orders.
1. I want all of the parts to work well together - don't want to get into major custom fabrication issues requiring significant additional costs.
2. Your site makes note of fitment issues for the older FOX Mustangs: "1979-86 Mustang All: Requires a wheel spacer OR upgrading to 1987-1993 5.0 struts, spindles & brakes." This leads to more questions:
3. Would it make sense to update to 1987-1993 5.0 struts, spindles & brakes? Do you carry these parts?
4. If I update to the 1987-1993 5.0 struts, spindles & brakes, this will change the struts I need to select - and, anything else?
5. Do you recommend any additional suspension mods - e.g. caster/camber plates, etc.
6. Will these mods help minimize any rubbing issues with the larger wheels and tires? I don't want to make mods that will create maintenance issues or even worse, a dangerous vehicle.
7. Do you have any experts that can help me make a selection of parts for mods that make sense?

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Accepted Answer
Using these wheels on a 79 is not impossible, let's start on the front end and go from there. The 79 will require a spacer due to clearance issues. Running a 87-93 spindle,strut, and brake assembly will allow for better fitment. We do not offer the spindle assembly, you will need to source this from a salvage yard. You may need a steering rack limiter depending on what tire size you go with. I would go with a 255/40/R17, this size is less likely to run into issues. Every car is going to be a little different and you may not have all of these concerns, but we just want to make you aware of what may come up.

The rear you can go with the same tire size as well, to help out on the chances of any rubbing. Worst case scenario you may have to remove the quad shock and possibly roll the inner fender lip. I know this may be a lot to soak in but running the 255 set up on the 9 inch wheels is usually a safe way to go. Here is the video for the steering rack limiters if you are not familiar with what they are.
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