Community Q&A Question: Same as caister purge solenoid?

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Same as caister purge solenoid?

I had a friend read my check engine light and the code came up as "85, canister purge solenoid." Is the canister purge valve the same thing?
from San Bruno |
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This is indeed the same part. If your getting that code, this should get it taken care of.
from Hewitt |
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Will this hurt performance or damage the car in anyway? Or is it just for emissions? Trying to figure out if this is urgent or if I can wait.
- Jeff 3 years ago
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It's not something that is extremely urgent, but if you let it go long enough, it can cause failure of the canister which would then make the car smell of raw fuel. Also, driving it hard with the check engine light on is not recommended as that means it is in a "limp" mode running on a pre-determined fuel map. If you drive it normally for a bit, it shouldn't hurt anything. It definitely doesn't need to be ignored on the long term though.
from Hewitt |
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