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Oil weight

The stock oil for a 4.6l 2v GT mustang is 5w30 I know 10w30 is heavier weight but why is 10w30 better I live in Colorado so the cold 5w30 is little better but ran 10w30 in my old 4.6 it blew so I replaced it and wonder if it's the oil weight or the original owners just didn't take care of it been running 5w30 royal
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That was likely the result of abuse or poor maintenance. The difference between 5w30 and 10w30 is small enough that it wouldn't hurt anything. The main thing is sticking to a proper oil change schedule and using a quality oil and filter.
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The person I bought the car from never did anything on the car so I figured that mush, but I use 5w30 for mine in the winter and summer 10w30 all royal purple with the new engine - Chad 3 years ago
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