Community Q&A Question: Follow up to customer review "poor follow thru" Chris C. 8/20/14

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Follow up to customer review "poor follow thru" Chris C. 8/20/14

I was reading the customer reviews and noticed the comment left by Chris C. on 8/20/14 titled "poor follow thru" is the exact situation I'm experiencing now that my struts are installed. The hood opens, closes and stays up fine. Although, once closed,the hood sits high on the driver side and is pushed out in front on both sides. I had my car restored at a body shop and the struts were professionally installed along with the addition of a new Cervini's 1.5" Fiberglass Cowl Hood. After taking it back to the shop for adjustment a second time, I'm told this was the best they can get. Do you have any recommendations to get the hood sitting flush? Otherwise, I will end up removing these and going back to the prop rod again. thanks.
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I made the adjustments by sliding the hood on the hinge arms with the bolts tight enough to hold it in place, but loose enough to nudge it back toward the cowl on each side without the struts attached and tighteng the bolts, then attaching the struts and checking alignment. I kept repeating the process of loosening, tightening bolts and removing and attaching the struts over and over until the alignment was perfect. I have the stock hood as well, when I had finally gotten the adjustments finished, the back edge of the hood was just barely touching the edge of the cowl without the struts attached. Remember, the cylinder pressure in the struts will push the hood forward, making the alignment off, so the hood will need to be slid back on the hinges more than it normally would to be aligned.
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You have to readjust them until you get it right. When I installed mine, I had to make readjustments 20 times before it was finally flush and even. The hood is now sitting flush with the cowl and fenders and has an 1/8 inch gap evenly along the seams. You just have to make readjustments in small increments.
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I have the same issue as Jeff does. What adjustments did you make? They're not designed for adjustment. I've considered elongating the holes on the hood brackets to see if that would help, but I'm curious as to how you did it before I alter the brackets. BTW, I'm using the stock hood. - Tracy 3 years ago
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