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95 t5 swap to a 80 foxbody

I have a 94 mustang with the 3.8v6 an was going to pull the t5 out of the 94 to swap in my 80 fox that has a 302ci. 4speed. Will the bell housing in the 80fox work with the t5? Do I need an adopter plate? I know I'll need to go up to a 10.5 fly an clutch set up. Just need to know will this swap work? What do I need to compleat the swap?
from Bluefield |
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The T5 out of your 94 V6 will not be compatible with the 4-speed bellhousing in your 1980. The V6 T5 is a weaker unit than its V8 counter parts and features different gear ratios as well, making in less than ideal to use behind a V8.
from Hewitt |
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