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I have a 93 gt with stock internals. I have an upgraded full exhaust, upgraded ignition and a paxton centrifugal supercharger running at 5-6 psi. I am looking to purchase the trickflow street burner manifold. Will a 70mm throttle body with a 76mm mass air flow and 24lb injectors be a complimentary setup with this intake?
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Everything sounds great until the 24lb injectors. That is going to depend on how your fuel system is setup as I assume you have an FMU of some sort. With mods like this, a custom tune is going to be required. My recommendation is to consult with who you want to perform the dyno tune, and see what they prefer to tune with as far as lb injectors and such and go from there.
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Awesome thanks so much. I'm going to return and exchange the mass air meter and injectors for a larger size. Any suggestions as to what ones would be best? I'm going to be using either a tweecer or pro m tuner and doing the adjustments myself. - Robert 3 years ago
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