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Automatic 4.6l 3v

i have a '07 4.6l engine and automatic trans and want to install in my 93 coupe. will this pack work with an a/t and does a fox have a return type fuel system and not a returnless fuel system? Also wanted to know if I put the Hot Rod Cams in it, will it take a new tune for it? thanks for your help....
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This controls pack will not run an Automatic transmission. You will have to get a separate controller for that. All fox mustangs have a return style fuel system from the factory, so you are good there. If you choose to put hotrod cams or make other changes to the motor you will have to have a custom tune made.
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Thank you for your help.. What about the computer, harness from the car the engine came out of ? Is the fuel management different from the FFRP part than from the original?
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