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When I measure voltage on the green wire with key on engine off, I get 5 volts. Why is this? I've read to ground your dvom to the black wire on the tps. But that's not what the video shows on this website. They say ground to the intake. What do I do?
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Hi Adrian ...maybe the TPS is off the correct position and showing 5volts. I changed mine last year on my 90 by following the LMR video and no problems ...I grounded the black wire on the intake and red on the green wire. Stupid question but did you slightly turn the TPS so the reading on the meter changed? I left mine at 1 or a little less than that. Can't quite remember since it was last year. I hope this helps somewhat ...good luck bro!
from Nutley |
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I have it set on, tightened down, and it reads 5 volts. When I turn the throttle blade by hand, it goes to 5.4 volts at wot. So something is definitely messed up. I did it like the video said to, but nothing changed from what I have. - Adrian 3 years ago
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