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89 lx coupe

Will these not fit the lx coupe? I purchased these after asking if they would I was told they will and now the rear of my car is apart and these seem to be almost a inch short in length. I just not doing something rite or do they not fit the coupes?
from rochester |

Which seem too short, the lowers or the uppers? I tackled the lowers first which of course are the easiest, just make sure to do one at a time. By that I mean don't remove all the stock control arms and then try to install the new ones, it's just easier to remove one stock arm and then install the new arm. The uppers were a bit more difficult as the new ones did seem shorter but the are not. Just take your time and play with raising and lowering the rear end to get one upper in, I also had to play with articulating the rear end as well. In the end they fit perfectly just have to be patient. There is a write up online as well which I believe had illustrations. Good luck
from Aubrey |

Your rear end has probably moved out of its original position. Did you put one on at a time or tear it all apart? There is an installation video on here to help you out. If you feel the parts are to short match the new ones with the old ones and see if they line up.
from Santa Rosa |

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