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mustang 2006

I needed some pro advice, id really like to have an agressive look to my mustang, id like to run a 17×8.5 front and 17×10 rear or in an 18 inch rim combo what would look more agressive and make sure they would fit, Also a tire size for both would be greatly appreciated. I recently purchased a rotor upgrade for my Mustang and in doing soIwasn't able to get my tire on the stock 16 so I need to accommodate the bigger rotor with a larger wheel I would like some advice. id like skinnier tire in the front and a fatter wheel in the back is what im going for. i would appreciate it thank you
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Its a v6 btw, i need gt wheels a 235/55-17 at least. I appreciate it i want a bad a** looking stang - tyler 3 years ago

It is getting to the point where 18'' tires are easier to find than 17'' are. To do a staggered setup with this style wheel that will fit properly, we recommend part number WTK-1007FDS. This does a 9'' up front, and 10'' on the rear. Most wheel combos you find staggered out there are going to have the same widths. It will be difficult to find an 8.5'' on the front with a 10'' on the rear. Having said that, this kit will bolt right on your car and you will not have any fitment issues. It will clear just fine, and is also a common tire size combo for down the road when its time to replace them.
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