Community Q&A Question: No prime to fuel pump when I turn ignition switch on?

Asking About: Mustang WOT Shut Off/Fuel Pump Relay (86-92) 5.0


No prime to fuel pump when I turn ignition switch on?

I have a 92 LX 5.0 that the fuel pump failed on me so I thought. I replaced the fuel pump with a BBK and checked all the fuses. After I replaced the pump i spent about 20 minutes of trying start it then all of a sudden it primed and started. I stopped and started it about 50 times over two days then on the third and each day since no prime from the pump and it wont start.Under the seat the is some wires with a plug but nothing plugged into it an no sign that anything has been for a while. Any ideas I am lost?
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If nothing is plugged into it and this is an early 92, it sounds like someone has been modifying the wiring. Unfortunately that is going to require some work to trace down. I would get a test light or volt meter and start from the back and work your way to the front and inspect all of the wiring. Having said that, if this is a mid to late production 92, then the relay is located under the hood. It will look similar to part number LRS-14089A. If that's the case, I would inspect it and in some cases you can lightly tap it with a hammer to get it to work. These are prone to fail, so that very well could be your issue.
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