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upgrade module?.

Do you need to upgrade the fuel pressure module? Located on the trunk?
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I think im having the same issue you had, which is the wire i have to cut? Location? - alvaro 3 years ago

The fuel pump wont stop priming, and chk engine light refers to fuel rail pressure sensor - alvaro 3 years ago
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Accepted Answer
If you are asking about the Fuel Pump Driver Module, then no. As long as you know it is functioning properly, you will be fine. Also, if you have a METAL gas tank, you will have to cut one of the grounding wires on the pump. If you do not do this, you will not get the proper fuel voltage when you run datalogs for tuning companies. I actually got help from one of the Walbro engineers for this exact problem. Apparently, these pumps were designed for the plastic gas tanks. It's an easy fix, though: one snip, a sealed end cap, and some shrink wrap. Walbro was very helpful. I know the second part of my answer did not pertain to your question, however, it IS something you need to know when purchasing this pump. After the grounding wire issue was resolved, the pump worked perfectly. Good, easy upgrade.
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