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speedometer already off

When installing a gauge overlay kit, I'm pretty sure I bumped my speedometer needle. So it read of by 6mph slow. I am planning to install a 3.73 gear set in my car and order this speedo gear. Will this fix my issue or will it remain 6mph off?
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The speedo gear, if this is the proper one for your car/tire combo (use the calculator onsite), will adjust the speedo for those changes. But the 6mph sounds like you bumped the needle on the pin. That needs to be put back where it is suppose to be. That is a seperate issue.
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How do you by doing that. Also have the same issue. - Jesus 3 years ago

Open the cluster and pull the needle, ensuring that when you place it back on the pin, you get it in the correct spot. It will be very tricky. I've had a similar problem on an electronic fed speedo before when I replaced the gauge faces... - Chris 3 years ago

Thanks - Jesus 3 years ago
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