Community Q&A Question: How can I tell if I need this?

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How can I tell if I need this?

I have a 1988 5.0 that the previous owner did a MAF swap but I'm not sure if he did everything correctly with the pins and wire splicing because it doesn't run right. He used a 1988 Cali MAF computer if that makes a difference. He put o2s on it as well but the car just floods itself out and fouls all the plugs after idling for a couple minutes
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I would make sure all the vacuum lines are correct and check the bap sensor that is beside the vacuum tree. the vacuum should be disconnected and the bap then becomes a map sensor. Also get yourself a fuel pressure regulator adjustable with a guage and make sure its not got a bad regulator on the fuel rail. as for the harness if you unplug the mass air now what does it do. email me
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