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With the springs that are included in the kit how much will it lower the car by after being all settled and done? also with this kit I would be planning on buying new upper and lower control arms as well and will I then still need to upgrade the quad shocks or would those be okay?
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I have had this kit on my car for a few years now and it does not lower the car alot. I actually contacted MM and complained because my car does not look lowered at all. Maybe it dropped it an inch if that. If you want the car to look lowered I would go with a different brand or coilovers. That being said the performance is amazing and my car handles like its on rails. As far as the quad shocks, I still have my stock ones and they seem to work fine. Alot of people have different opinions. Some completely remove them, some leave stock and some upgrade. Personally I don't think its worth the money to upgrade unless its worn out (if you choose to keep them).
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