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1991 GT

When I open the doors of my 1991 GT, it makes a loud clacking, metal-to-metal sound. I thought the door striker bushings might be worn but when I checked I saw that my car does not have bushings. I'm the original owner and I know the passenger door has not had much use so I think if there was a bushing originally it would still be there. I also saw in one of the reviews of this product that some cars didn't have bushings. Can you help with this mystery? Also, if my car isn't supposed to have bushings, can you give me an idea of why it's making the noise when I open the door? The doors seem to close fine and don't seem to rattle very much although the passenger door doesn't fit to the body as tightly as I think it should. Thanks for your help!
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I have an 83 mustang GT and I did have those bushings. I did replace them since they were showing wear and tear.
Have you tried lifting on the doors to see if there is any slack to them? This would indicate worn out pins which could be a cause for your rattle. Your strikers may need some adjustment as well.
Good luck
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The hinges seem to be tight and no door sag. The issue I have seems to be with the latch/striker area. Thanks for your reply - I think I'll order striker bushings and try them. - James 3 years ago
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I would expect this to solve the problem. After all its only $6.00
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