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Fit 2014 V6

Will this kit work to reattach 2014 V6 Paint to Match LH Rocker Panel Molding?
(Mine popped off when I ran over a curb in the dark on St. Patrick's Day, after
too much green beer!! Panel itself not damaged, just a small scuff on bottom.)
Thanks. LE
from Fairfax |
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I used this kit to attach my 2014 rocker panels back on. The clips are not the same as the 2014. I had to trim the side clips a little to get them to work on my rocker. Wasn't much work but it did take a little time. This was my only option. You can't buy the 2014 individual side snap clips from dealor. I looked every where for them.
from Clemson |
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Yes the clips won't because they are not the same. The push pins will work. I was lucky my clips wasn't damage
from westlake |
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