Community Q&A Question: Will this kit work for me?

Asking About: Mustang KYB Shock & Strut Kit w/ Quad Shocks (87-93) 5.0


Will this kit work for me?

I put purchased this kit for a 1990 gt hatchback. Before I had the chance to install it I was cut of on the freeway and the car was a total loss. I replaced it with a 1990 gt convertible. I was wondering if this kit will work on the convertible?
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I installed mine on a 1988 GT convertible. The only issue I had was the axle wrap shocks would not fit, too fat of a tire and rim. I think this fits all GT cars, except the IRS Cobra. Too bad about your Hatchback!
from douglasville |
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Ya I had the hatch back as a daily driver for 9 years. I literally cried. By axle wrap shocks I think you are talking about the quad shocks? I'm going to have to use a one inch wheel spacer because of the same problem that you encountered with those shocks (ten inch wide back wheels). Thanks for the info. - Patrick 3 years ago
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I just recently purchased theses shocks for my 91 stang convertible. They fit prefect, and has turned out to be the single best upgraded I've made for the money. I didn't know how bad my original shocks were until I replaced them with this set.
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