Community Q&A Question: Loud operation in comparison to the heavy duty clutch

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Loud operation in comparison to the heavy duty clutch

Looking at the product photos this clutch seems to be the same as what other part distributors brand as "for non AC cars" or standard duty use. I have an Heavy Duty clutch in use in my AC equipped 92 now and it pulls air like no other when engaged but is incredibly loud and seems to engage more than it should in comparison to other fox's I've owned with the same HD type clutch. Anyone use the standard duty clutch on an AC equipped car with good results? Can I expect it to be just a little quieter hopefully. Didn't seem to have an issue with this back when motorcraft units could still be purchased. Late model has always been great thanks.
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The HD units were typically used on police applications where all the car did was idle. I have used this on several cars over the years with factory a/c here in Texas, and had no issues. This coupled with a good fan blade and shroud should keep your car plenty cool and get rid of the airplane sound.
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